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Optical Components


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Telecom MPO MTP fiber optic available , more details as following

Fiber patch cord with MTP connectors

  Hilink optical fiber MTP patch cord is high return loss and low insertion loss ,Insertion loss of MTP fiber patch cord is less than 0.3dB,

Return loss of fiber MTP patch cord is UPC more than 55dB ,APC is more than 60dB

The MTP/MPO is a multi-fiber patch cord suitable for high -density back panel and printed Circuit Bord(PCB)solutions in data and telecom systems .Used in transmitters and receivers ,this connector offers up to 12 times the density of standard connectors.providing signficant space and cost savings .


Precision molded MT freeules .together with metal guide pins and precise housing dimensions ensure fiber alignment  when mating .Mess termination in combinations of 4 ,8,or 12 fiber ribbon cables are available.Singlemode versions are offered with premium low-loss or standard and multimode versions also available with excellent performance.


1,NO on-site assembly necessary

2,Simple reconfiguration

3,High Packing fraction

4,Various Configurations



1.Push-on/Pull-Off latching connector

2.Either 4.8.12&24 fiber available

3.Baer fiber ribbon type ,ruggedized type and fanout cord available

4.Meer IEC61754-7,TIAFOCIS 5/604-5,BELLCORE  GR-143 requirements

5.High density and economical solutions for mass termination fiber

Applications :

1. Connection of trunk lines

2. Switching between trunk line and distribution line

3. High integrated equipment and devices

4. High density cable wiring system

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